Patient Information

A knee replacement is when the bone on both sides of the knee joint is replaced with an implant. If your knee arthritis is affecting only part of the knee joint, with the rest of the knee joint well preserved, then you may be offered a partial knee replacement. However if you knee arthritis is generalised and affecting all parts of the knee then a total knee replacement will be required. With a total knee replacement, the end of the thigh bone and top of the shin bone is resurfaced with an implant. The underside of the kneecap may also be resurfaced. These implants engage to create the new knee joint.


A total knee replacement is often a successful operation providing patients with immense pain relief and restoring their quality of life. The majority of patients who have this procedure are happy with the result. Unfortunately however there are some risks with having major surgery and some complications can occur. These potential complications will be explained to you in full so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not having a knee replacement is the right option for you.

Download a Risk Information leaflet.

Mr Craik offers private total knee replacement surgery at Ashtead Hospital in Surrey. You will usually stay in hospital for two or three nights following you surgery.